Habits That Accelarates The Aging Process


The aging process is inevitable. It is associated with other types of health problems such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Also, with age, your skin becomes drier and thinner leading to further wrinkles and fine lines, increased pigmentation, dull skin, loss of firmness and elasticity.

At times the body might start showing some aging signs very soon than expected. This condition is known as premature aging. It is caused by various environmental, dietary and lifestyle factors. This makes one look older faster. However, with proper care of the overall health and the skin as well as avoiding some of the daily habits it is possible to prevent premature aging.

Here are the most common practices that could make the skin age faster.


Smoking is known for harming one’s health in various ways. It can accelerate the skin’s aging process. Cigarette contains harmful chemicals that chronically deprives oxygen from the skin cells. This, in turn, leads to uneven and pale coloring. It also triggers or initiates the breakdown of the collagen tissues t loose and saggy skin. Deep wrinkles could also be formed around the mouth.

You should, therefore, quit smoking if you are concerned about your general appearance. Whether you spend some time with smokers or you smoke, you should note that smoking cigarette if harmful to you skin. Your skin’s health can be restored once you decide to quit smoking or avoid secondhand smoke. A study that as conducted in 2010 reported that quitting smoking helps to improve your skin condition and all the effects associated with skin aging.

Excessive drinking

Alcohol as known to be a natural diuretic which causes dehydration when taken in excess amounts. Dehydration depletes all the natural moisture from the skin making one to look older than his/her age. Excessive consumption of alcohol also leads to a depletion of the healthy nutrients from the body in particular vitamins C and A.

These are some of the essential antioxidant vitamins which play a significant role in the maintenance of a more supple and vibrant skin. Excessive alcohol intake is also known for triggering the outbreak of rosacea. It is also associated with cancer of the skin.



Sun exposure

Sunshine is such an incredible ally. However, prolonged and regular exposure to the sun rays can do a lot of harm to your skin. The long term exposure of the body to sunshine exposes the body to the harmful ultraviolet rays which weaken the blood vessels and skin cells. This leads to a tanned and a leathery-looking skin. It could even lead to reduced skin elasticity and degradation of the skin structure.