Best Practises For Reducing Cancer

It is estimated that about 30% of all the reported cases that occur every year can be prevented by adopting appropriate healthy lifestyles. Cancer refers to the abnormal cell growth that occurs in the body either due to mutation of genes or due to damages of the essential genes, especially the Cells’s DNA.

The are many factors which promote or initiate damage to the genes such as infections, poor diet, smoking, exposure to the harmful ultraviolet radiation and cancer-causing chemicals. However, various preventive measures have been approved which can help in stopping various types of cancer. This would go along way in saving your life. These actions include some of the basic lifestyle changes.

Here are some of the measures you can adopt to prevent cancer.

By quitting smoking

Cigarette smokers aredwwfqe2e2 at high risk of contracting lung cancer. Besides, smoking increases the potential hazards of other types of cancers such as bladder, pancreas, bowel, liver, stomach, throat, cervix, sinuses, kidneys and nose cancer. Cigarettes consists of many chemicals such as polonium-210, benzene, nitrosamines and benzo[a]pyrene. These chemicals damage the DNA genes which helps in protecting the body against cancer.

Cigarettes also contain nickel and arsenic which are responsible for converting or transforming the damaged cells to become cancerous. It does this by interfering with the pathways required in repairing the damaged DNA. It is, therefore, advisable for someone to quit smoking and avoid any exposure from second-hand smoke.

Moderate drinking or abstain from alcohol

Studies conducted reveal that high alcohol intake is associated or linked with the increased rates of cancers such as the esophagus, larynx, and oral cavity cancer. It also increases the potential risks for other cancers of the colon, rectum, female breast, liver, ovaries, stomach, and rectum.

Alcohol drinking also contribusvdvdsgdgbretes to the damaging of various tissues. This alters or changes the DNA’s structure in the cells which gradually leads to cancer. It also prevents the repair of DNA as well as suppression of the tumor immune surveillance. It is, therefore, necessary to abstain from drinking alcohol or take it in moderation as this would help in reducing the risks associated with cancers.

Maintain healthy weight

Obese, and overweight people have high chances of getting cancer. Obesity alters the normal functioning of the adipose tissue thus leading to the chronic inflammation and insulin resistance. Excess weight and obesity also increase the risks for kidney, ovarian, gall bladder, pancreatic, colorectal and other types of cancers. Necessary steps should be taken by the obese people to make sure that they lose their weight steadily.…